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Si vous avez un état de santé sérieux et voudriez être aidé par cette technologie, la Fondation Keshe a ouvert l'accès au contact avec l'équipe des docteurs pour qu'ils puissent vous aider.
Vous êtes invité à envoyer un mail à cette adresse, dans votre langue, expliquant en détail votre condition, symptômes, etc :




French :

Plasma Energie Santé, traduit en français
Ce document permets d'être rapidement opérationnel
y compris pour les cas graves.
Commencez immédiatement, en attendant le retour du dossier, afin de préparer le corps au grand changement.
Simple à faire vous même, n'hésitez pas de plonger dans les enseignements afin de mieux saisir les indications.
N'hésites pas à consulter un Thérapeute plasma,
à votre disposition.
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Liens importants concernant la santé

Tous les protocoles,

vous sentirez ce qu'il y a à faire, en autonomie...

Et surtout, dès maintenant RESPIRER profondément le PLASMA !!






"Only when you can be comfortable with uncertainty 

you can find peace & health



We invite you to explain in detail your condition, symptoms, appropriate health history, any medications you are taking and etc. The more information you provide about your medical situation, the better. Be prepared to back up your case with any existing medical tests, x-rays (if applicable) and records. Your case is then available for the doctors of the medical teachings and can be reviewed and analysed. This way all the participating doctors can see the details of your condition to understand how to best help you.  At this point one of the doctors must decide to take your case. ONLY then will you get an email response directly from the doctor confirming that they took your case. You will then communicate directly with this doctor and workout the details of how you travel to meet them, so they can help you. And if your personal doctor is in the workshop, the better the chance your case will be helped, but only once they are knowledgeable on this new technology.


The Keshe Foundation Health Team is looking forward meeting you!


We are ready to serve the humanity!



Health Protocols


Cancer :






Autism :

From Mr. Keshe, about Autism from medical-database: In the case of patients with autism who are contaminated by mercury (molecular weight 201), what can be done: Mercury is poison to our system, but remember one more important point too. If you add ch3 as a gans to the food and in inhaling and rub the head with it. The mercury changes to gans of gold. This you can use its energy for repair. This is the secret of nuclear plasma mutation of elements. This is what is a secret of creation in the rain of the man 30% CH3 20% CO2 and 50% ZnO. Now you know better how to overcome mercury poisoning. Even for dentists. But Normally we achieve this reverse in a year child goes back to normality of being a child If you are forced to receive vaccines you start drinking this gans water idem a few weeks before or months you prevent the impact of mercury



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Présentation des résultats MOHZAN

Trouvable sous-titré en bientôt 18 langues


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