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- Nourriture & GaNS

L'énergie plasma a la faculté de pouvoir être utilisée comme source illimitée de nourriture et pourra, par la suite, faire en sorte que nous puissions nous passer de l'alimentation classique et nous nourrir exclusivement d'énergie plasmique par la RESPIRATION (également appelée "prana").

Cette alimentation plasmique est en mesure de nourrir notre corps sans l'obliger à passer par la phase de digestion. Dans des situations d'extrêmes ou par choix personnel.

Il n'y aura plus de faim dans le monde !


Beaucoup d'informations sur le site officiel de la Keshe Foundation.



1. prepare your fruits meats vegetables and smash it into the small particles Put them each individual plastic containers ;


2. then add Caustic soda to each container with hot water, wait few days Then collect the nano particles from the bottom of the containers. In this process you create nano material of the fruits, vegetables and meats.


3. Now add them in to your CO2 box, individually or separate to convert them from nano back into the GaNS ;


4. After a few days you can collect it from the bottom of the CO2 box, wash it few times and you will have your food GaNS ;
As I said like in your stomach

Just understand your body, how it is converting food into nano materials in your stomach, passing true you're intestines, you just absorbing the plasmatic fields from it, in to your limf. Then it converts (plasmatic fields) through your bones (as a perfect nano material) back into gans, your bone marrow and your blood. Our body is perfect plasmatic field conversion machine.



Amino Acids

During the process of making GANS, you will notice an oily film forming on the surface of the salt water solution in the GANS creation kit(s).  This is amino acids.  More specifically, it is the amino acid of the type of GANS you are creating in the Kit.  You need to collect the acids.  Collect them using a plastic spoon.  Store them in a sealed container along with some of the salt water solution from the kit the amino acid was created in. You do not need to wash the acids.

The Amino Acids have a connection to our bodies.  They can be used in different applications (not discussed here).  Amino acids have uses and must be collected.  Here is an example of how to collect CH3 amino acids:

Health applications

The amino acid we produce in our different kits will have a connection with our body. 

Copper - connects to muscles/physical (transmits inpulses through red tissues).
Zinc – connects to our emotions.
Zinc/Iron – connects to our emotions and blood.
CO2 – connects with our amino acid structure.


We collect Amino Acid as a side-product of producing GANS.  And while we are looking at the structures of Atomic Plasmas and Molecular Plasmas to see how they connect under Plasmatic conditions, the activities of the Amino Acid we collect are most interesting.

In the Human Body the Plasmatic joining of Amino Acid with Chlorine (from Sodium-Chloride), inside a single Magnetosphere or Coulomb Barrier (define), creates a new “total Plasma” that is different because, for example, it has the capability to “disinfect” due to the comparatively large Atomic Mass of Chlorine. And the new “total Plasma”, of course, then has a larger mass, larger dimension, bigger field, bigger gravitation, bigger pull, bigger attraction, and stronger magnetic-gravitational field that favours connections mostly to even larger-mass Plasmas.

Amino Acid has traditionally been said to be the foundation of life as we know it on our Planet.  And now, Plasma Science tells us this is because the Amino Acid generates its own Free Plasma, or Emotion, that allows it to change characteristics as it needs.  The Amino Acid generates its own Free Plasma within a Star Formation combination of the Atomic Plasmas of Carbon, Hydrogen, Oxygen, and Nitrogen.  And, as it turns out, this Free Plasma then summarily combines at the Cell level, and the Organ level, the whole Person level, the Planet level, and so on.  So, is it intuitively obvious that our Solar System has Emotions too?